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The Fandom Psychiatrist

Putting Fandoms on the couch

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Welcome to the Fandom Psychiatrist, where Fandoms are put on the couch.

This is a community, not for any one fandom, ship, or character, but for all of them, or, more precisely, all of their fans. This is neutral ground where we fans can discuss prevailing trends and attitudes in our respective areas of interest, where we can debate (politely) about the behaviors and motivations in our fellow fans, and, above all, talk about that interesting type of human being, the fiction fan, the person who devotes themselves to a story that speaks to them.

In addition, this is also a place to discuss the interesting ways in which the anonymity of the internet and the strongly held opinions of the individual fans meet (and occasionally catastrophically collide).

Please note that this is NOT a forum for shipping essays, discussions of canon, or fanfic postings; there are fandom specific communities and websites for those. This is a place where the matter being discussed is our fellow fans.


bibliophile20, a psych major who spends the time that he should be studying doing stuff like this instead. This comm grew out of a series of polls and discussions regarding fandom behavior on his personal journal.
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Naruto, Code: Lyoko.

Additional moderators will be appointed upon the discretion of bibliophile20.

1. NO FLAMING. This cannot be stressed enough; this is a community for discussion and debate, not name calling. There is a three strike rule: first strike is a warning. Second strike is removal of commenting and posting privileges for a time period to be determined by the moderator. Third strike is banning. Moderators determine what is considered flaming; we're pretty reasonable about it; posting a rant about a plagiarist and starting a debate on why someone plagiarizes is different from posting or commenting solely to question someone's family ancestry or mating preferences, or other things along those lines.

2. No fanfic, fanart, or canon essay posts, or pimping thereof, please; that is not the purpose of this community. However, if it offers insight into the mind(s) of a fandom, by all means, please, go ahead.

Rules will be updated as needed (please don't make us need them)

Posting Guidelines:

If posting on a fandom-specific issue or behavior, a short introduction or explanation is a good idea.

For longer posts, LJ-cuts are also a good idea.

Guidelines will be updated as needed.

Additionally, please, instead of making a post just for introducing yourself, you can just comment here at our first post with your introductionary info.

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